How It Works

Step 1)
Call or Send Us an Email

A professional in your area is waiting for your call or email. Please call toll free 833-333-LOTS (5687) or e-mail with your contact information.

Step 2)
Receive a list of Available Properties or Make an Appointment to Tour Property Sites

A list of available properties will be emailed to you within 2 hours; or if you prefer, we’ll contact you to schedule a property tour at your convenience. We will personally show you the lots available in your preferred area.

Step 3)
Select your Property

  • Review the Properties and Price Information.
  • Select the Property appropriate for you.
  • If the Property selected is a vacant lot, our loan approval process will guarantee your loan approval. This loan is extended by us, the owners of the property.

Step 4)
Sign a Sales Contract

Once you decide on your property, simply sign the sales contract and provide $1,000 dollars earnest money.
This $1,000 will be applied as your $1000 dollar down payment as stipulated on the contract.
Your loan has a Fix interest rate and you can select your Monthly Payments on a 20 year or 30-year amortization loan.
At the moment you sign the sales contact, we will schedule a meeting at your convenience, to review and sign the necessary loan disclosures in compliance with existing government regulations when extending Real Property Loans.

Step 5)
Closing - The Property becomes Yours!

  • The Closing may be scheduled as soon as ten days after the Loan Disclosure Meeting.
  • We complete most of our title policy closings at Alamo Title or Capital Title; however, any reputable title company may be used.
  • You will receive the Warranty Deed, to be Recorded with the County Clerk, in the official public records of the County where your property is located.

Step 6)
Enjoy your Property!